SoloSole 2017

Solosole is inspired for a brillant woman, with a young taste but at the same time elegant and refined, which seeks in swimsuit the perfect balance between quality, style and high fashion.

A peculiar characteristic of the target audience is the attention to the image of the brand that you buy and the values it expresses and represents.The brand Solosole has high quality raw materials and excellent fit, vogue contents up to date and in line with expectations (high) of consumers.

The totally Made in Italy craftsmanship and attention to detail make each single item unique.

Today Solosole represents the right trade-off between quality and price.

The high Italian craftsmanship, the preciousness of crystals Swarovski ™, all included in a collection extremely wide, whre you should only choose the best syle suitable to your taste and your mood.

The attention to every single detail, perfection of embroidery and decorations using special stones makes the items Solosole unique and precious. Solosole is yes synonymous with high quality.


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